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Various shoe constructions and materials used in making Anthony Veer shoes

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What if I believe I may have ordered from a fake Anthony Veer vendor or bought a counterfeit product?

If you are concerned that the Anthony Veer shoes you are going to purchase are not authentic, please email us directly at [email protected]

Where can I shop Anthony Veer?

Macy's. DSW. Zappos. McFadden's Mens Shop 140 E Main St Suite 210, Rock Hill, SC 29730, United States. Bennett's 122 S 1st St #38261, Union City, TN 38261, United States.

Where are Anthony Veer shoes made?

Anthony Veer Shoes are manufactured at family-owned facilities in India. All our products are crafted under ethical working conditions and for fair compensation

Is there a warranty for manufacture defects?

We offer a 1-year comprehensive warranty starting on the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects. We want to ensure that every customer has an excellent experience while shopping with us. Qualifications: